Slovensko geološko društvo vas v četrtek, 27. 6. 2019 ob 17.00 uri vabi na predavanje dr. Carlosa Martinez-Pereza iz Univerze v Valencii z naslovom “Conodont element function: new data from the exceptional middle Triassic Slovenian fossil record”. Predavanje bo potekalo na Aškrčevi 12 v Ljubljani (2. nadstropje, predavalnica 209) v angleškem jeziku.

Kratka vsebina predavanja: Conodonts are an extinct group of primitive vertebrates that are, perhaps, the earliest members of our evolutionary lineage to possess a mineralised skeleton. As such, the conodont skeleton is of great significance because of the insights it provides concerning the biology and function of the primitive vertebrate skeleton. Conodont apparatus architecture and function has been debated for a century and a half, but analysis has been limited to the available technicques. More recently, qualitative analytical approaches have been developed, facilitating the accurated reconstruction of the apparatus, but most interestint testing hypothesis of element function