Slovensko geološko društvo vas vabi na predavanje prof. dr. Bálazsa Székelyja z Univerze Eötvös Loránd v Budimpešti z naslovom “Attempts to integrate David with Goliath: lessons learnt on differential uplift in a flatland”.

Povzetek predavanja:
To study differential uplift in orogens became almost a commonplace in earth science in the last decades. In the last quarter of the 20th century various geochronological techniques delivered evidence for rates of exhumation.  Differential uplift rates reaching 1 mm/year in orogens can be detected and maps can be drawn even for the youngest processes as our understanding increased e.g. in separation of rock uplift and surface uplift. Much of previously neglected knowledge in geomorphology had been brushed up ready to be integrated in an increasingly dynamic model of surface evolution.